Thursday, February 17, 2005

Visit Backing Blair Backing Blair hit by Denial of Service attack

Don't be deceived. Backing Blair is using comedy and satire to reveal the true nature of the Blair government and mobilise a popular campaign to defeat New Labour at the next election. But Labour doesn't like that and the website has already suffered a Denial of Service attack that brought it down for 18 hours.

This cannot be right. But you can do something to stop them doing it again.

The Facts:

  • Fasthosts agreed to host Backing Blair and offered the campaign unlimited bandwidth
  • Somebody (Backing Blair believes that somebody to be based at Labour Party HQ and has traced IP addresses to there, so they are watching) complained about the website and Fasthosts took it down
  • Fasthosts has failed to reveal the identity of the complainant
  • Fasthosts is still refusing to host the "London Underground Song", which New Labour hates

What we want:

  • Fasthosts must restore Backing Blair's unlimited bandwidth agreement (as previously agreed)
  • Fasthosts must include the "London Underground Song" in this
  • Fasthosts must name the complainant and publish the details of their complaint so that Backing Blair can respond in full


  • E-mail and demand they restore Backing Blair's unlimited bandwidth and name the complainant
  • If you know anybody who uses Fasthosts, let us know and we'll pressure their customers to change providers

PROTEST: Monday 7 March

If Fasthosts refuse to name the complainant or to restore Backing Blair's original unlimited bandwidth agreement, then we intend to mount a peaceful drop-in protest at their Gloucester offices on Monday 7 March from 10am until we get what we want.

Meet outside Gloucester Cathedral at 9.45am to arrive at Fasthosts' offices for 10am. Bring food and (non-alcoholic) drink and we will camp out in their reception until they provide us with a copy of the complaint against Backing Blair and agree to restore the unlimited bandwidth agreement and the "London Underground Song". Don't worry if you can't make it 9.45, you can drop in anytime during the day.

It will be really good fun!

To find Fasthosts simply visit their homepage and follow the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

Visit Backing Blair

Maps and directions are here.

These links not working? They will be fixed soon, in the meantime let Muitimap guide you. The address is: Fasthosts Internet Ltd., Discovery House, 154 Southgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2EX

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