Monday, February 21, 2005

Visit Backing Blair Backing Blair: not just Iraq, fighting Unions too

Fasthosts may have removed the version of the London Underground song with Backing Blair graphics, but I've found that it can still be downloaded from here as an MP3. When you listen you'll soon realise why it provoked the original Denial of Service Attack on Backing Blair.

It is crucial because it widens the anti-Labour campaign beyond Iraq (which will always be Blair's main weakness) and exposes a traditional and unavoidable weakness of the Labour Party. That weakness is closeness to the Trade Unions that fund it. The lyrics which you can read here, say it all really:

Tubes on strike
Greedy bastards want extra pay
For sitting on their arse all day
Even though they earn 30k
They’re all lazy fucking useless cunts
They’re all greedy cunts; I want to shoot them all with a rifle


Not only does New Labour fail to stand up to greedy Unions it plans to increase the minimum wage, regardless of its impact on our country's competitiveness.


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NOTE: 'Jim Doyle' does not represent our campaign. In fact, we suspect him of deliberately misrepresenting it.

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