Friday, February 18, 2005

Visit Backing Blair Backing Blair Vs Fasthosts

Today's Independent carries a headline talking of "harassment, intimidation and secrecy", things that could equally be applied to the events surrounding Backing Blair's fight with New Labour and the web company Fasthosts.

The fact remains that last weekend, Backing Blair suffered a Denial of Service attack and has evidence that the attack came from Labour Party HQ. (They explain it all here). In short the Labour Party is acting to censor the web in the run up to the election!

Many people reading this will be bloggers and website owners themselves. Now if your host pulled your website, you'd want to know why and if they said it was because someone had complained you'd want to know who that someone was and what their beef was. Fasthosts hold the answers to those questions.

As a self-employed man, I've had problems with late payers in the past. I'm talking months overdue. I find one simple thing that works better than 100 letters or threats of court action. I set a day aside and sit in the company reception, telling anyone who passes through why I'm there. I always have a cheque by lunchtime. Now that's what I'm going to do for Backing Blair (on my own if I have to) on Monday 7 March. When I leave Fasthosts, Backing Blair will have a name and the details of the complaint made against them. Everyone's welcome to join me!

This sensational story could be as important to this election campaign as the Swift Boat Veteran story was in the US elections and we all know how wonderfully effective that was.


Blogger Backing Blair said...

Good-oh. Comments are back. Thought you'd bailed out for a moment there.

Backing Blair does not endorse or support the actions proposed by 'Jim Doyle'.We consider what he proposes to be counter-productive.

12:35 pm

Blogger Jim Doyle said...

Fasthosts have treated Backing Blair very badly indeed by taking the site down without identifying the person who complained or providing details of the complaint.

You hint in private e-mails that you've been intimidated in the past.Well, if that's the reason you want to let them off, that's up to you and it's not for me to force you to take personal risks you don't want to take. I won't be intimidated by Labour Party goons and will protest alone if I have to.

My protest will be peaceful. You have no right deny me a right to protest, especially when you refuse to explain why you are letting Fasthosts off the hook.

12:46 pm

Blogger Backing Blair said...

We've explained the matter and our stance to you at length, and it has nothing to do with us feeling intimidated as you suggest.

If you can't accept that, then we cannot count you among our supporters and therefore it is not logical for you to fight 'on our behalf'.

12:51 pm

Blogger Jim Doyle said...

I may not like the way you are running the show, but you can't stop me supporting the aims of Backing Blair or speaking out when I feel Backing Blair is being mismanaged.

Baking Blair is on the verge of exposing a Labour Party campaign to censor the internet. It's vital that project is followed through.

1:26 pm

Blogger Backing Blair said...


It's painfully obvious to everybody else what's going on, so if you do carry on with this ridiculous 'protets', you will be doing it alone.

1:47 pm

Blogger Clive said...

If you don't like the way the the campaign is being run, then feel free to organise your own. But don't claim to be acting on behalf of backing Blair, because it's been made quite clear that you aren't. Repeated attempts have been made to try and explain things in a calm and rational manner, yet you persist in your course of action, hardly the behaviour of a true supporter.

As a self-employed individual, I would have thought you'd have better things to do with your time than spend it chasing mirages, but that's your choice.

2:34 pm

Blogger alias420 said...

I hated that underground song anyway - seemed to suggest LUs problems were the staff not management and government and derided any skilled manual worker earning more than 30K.

It's inclusion on backingblair never really made any sense and the traffic it was getting was likely to get any host considering their options.

But if you were really a supporter of backing blair you'd back down from this silly nonsense now.

4:01 pm

Blogger Mr Ports said...

I'm confused. The London Underground is controlled by Transport for London which in turn is under the control of the Mayor of London. So even though the Labour party aren't going to be thrilled by the song, surely it is actually aimed at Ken Livingston and not Blair?

4:41 pm


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