Thursday, February 24, 2005

Visit Backing Blair Defend Backing Blair to publish Fasthosts' e-mail

Defend Backing Blair has offered £500 to the Backing Blair campaign for the e-mail in which Fasthosts explain that the Backing Blair website was taken off line following a complaint. This will enable the Backing Blair battle bus to take to the streets of London and Gloucester. This e-mail will be published here. Why is is so important? It dismisses Fasthosts allegation that Backing Blair lied and proves that Blair's cronies are censoring the web through intimidation.

Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads, which is co-sponsoring the Backing Blair campaign, has agreed in principle to release the e-mail. But we need an escrow to facilitate the process which will be as follows:

  • Tim will forward the e-mail to the escrow who will confirm that Fasthosts clearly cite a third party complaint as the cause of the Denial of Service attack
  • I will pay £500 to the escrow
  • The escrow will forward the e-mail to me and the £500 to Backing Blair

I am currently waiting for Tim to nominate an escrow. I reserve the right to reject his nomination (in which case he will nominate another), but I am confident he will find a trusted third party to facilitate the transaction. If you would like to offer your services e-mail Tim Ireland: manic[AT]bloggerheads[DOT]com.


Blogger Backing Blair said...

You may want to step out form your fantasy world long enough to remember that we have *no* agreement in principle.

All you have is my (repeated) assertion that this process cannot begin without you revealing your real name.

And please have the courtesy to spamblock that address.


1:38 pm

Blogger Jim Doyle said...

Fine. The escrow will obviously have proof that I am Jim Doyle. My name will be on the cheque made out as you require.

2:02 pm

Blogger Backing Blair said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:10 pm

Blogger Backing Blair said...

Process. *Starts*. Real. Name.

You are describing the *middle* of the process.

And you have *no* assurance from us that the process will continue from there, so this latest post of yours is quite possibly the most misleading thing you have ever posted.

If you are for real, you'll reveal your real name.

If you are - as you have claimed - our No. 1 fan, you will match or better the highest donation to date. Which is £500.

2:13 pm

Blogger Jim Doyle said...

Come, come Tim. The escrow won't forward the e-mail to me until they have my cheque (I am not going to put cash in the post) and if I am not Jim Doyle the whole thing is off. You have my real name and are being silly. I am not interested in entering into another tiresome flame war with you.

Nominate an escrow. There must be someone you trust and who you think I could trust too.

2:21 pm

Blogger Backing Blair said...

Process. *Starts*. Real. Name.

PS - This comment made 4 hours later because some clever cookie disabled comments to make it seem as if I had no answer.

I have your answer, 'Jim' (see above), but we have no answer from you regarding the unauthorised us of images from and

I have also asked you - quite plainly - to *not* claim that you have any assocations, deals or agreements with us. Because you don't.

6:00 pm

Blogger poons said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:16 pm


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