Monday, February 21, 2005

Visit Backing Blair Fasthosts: "Backing Blair lied"

According to the Register, Fasthosts has accused Backing Blair of lying, "with Fasthosts assuring us that there was no complaint by anyone". Yet Backing Blair makes it clear over here that somebody complained about their website, that that complaint led to their website being pulled and that that somebody was close to New Labour.

I've already said that Backing Blair would not lie! Lying is what Tony Blair does, Backing Blair is committed to openness and honesty.

All that is required is for Backing Blair to publish the e-mail from Fasthosts that says somebody complained and New Labour is banged to rights! So come on Tim Bloggerheads! Publish that e-mail!


Blogger Backing Blair said...

Blimey... are you still here?

We will get back to you 'Jim', honest, but at the moment we're arranging to have the truth beaten out of us by an appropriate third-party.

While you're waiting, could you do us a favour and count the number of dead bodies we left in our wake?

6:07 pm

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