Monday, March 07, 2005

Visit Backing Blair Backing Blair admits lying so protest cancelled

With a heavy heart, I have to share with you an e-mail from Clive Summerfield, who is one of the Backing Blair webmasters. It makes it clear Backing Blair lied and I have no choice but to pull out of the Fasthosts protest and offer Fasthosts a full apology.

I now understand why the Backing Blair took this position on the Denial of Service attack:

"Please do not upset the web host who conspired with our enemies to bring down our website"

Anybody else would have sacked such a host. However, the web host was innocent.

This comes after Tim Ireland refused to publish, or to allow me to publish, the e-mail in which Fasthosts report a complaint. Read here how he led me to believe I could have the e-mail for £500. I agreed because such an e-mail would prove the Labour Party was censoring the internet through intimidation. Such a story would be dynamite, but I no longer believe such an e-mail exists. Tim Ireland lied and has brought shame, not just on himself, but on all Conservative Party supporters.

The Backing Blair team have proved themselves to be no more trustworthy than Tony Blair. They believe that a much needed Conservative victory at the next election can only be achieved by lying to voters. I can no longer be part of that.

Clive Summerfield e-mail:

  1. Admits that Backing Blair did not have unlimited bandwidth as claimed here: "our service is supposed to include unlimited bandwidth".
  2. Admits that Backing Blair used excessive bandwidth
  3. Asks me not to upset the web host Backing Blair claimed conspired with its enemies.

The e-mail:

FastHosts do indeed make no bandwidth restrictions, but there is a clause in their Ts and Cs for excessive use, and 250,000 hits on a 728Kb file in 2 weeks is a hell of a lot of bandwidth. Furthermore, as I pointed out at BackingBlair, the mention of copyright violation doesn't make reference to a specific complaint, so could well be just someone being overzealous in their abuse department rather than anything malicious. This could be supported by the fact that any reference to copyright was subsequently dropped.

The interesting thing was the timing, in that the flash file had been up on the server for 2 weeks, yet the site didn't get dropped until 4 days after BB went live. But sometimes a coincidence is just that. Now we're pretty happy with the way things are running at the moment, and I personally think your campaign - while well intentioned - may actually result in more aggravation for Backing Blair. If Fasthosts decide that it's going to cause them problems of this nature then they may well asked for the whole site to be moved. Were it to happen again, then I'd more more inclined to action, but not for a single incident which may well prove to be a one-off.

So could I please ask that you direct your support and energies into the Backing Blair campaign rather than at the hosting provider who, at the end of the day, may be guilty of nothing more than a lack of responsiveness.

Kind regards


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